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Why Hire SEO Digital Partners

Personalized Service

We don’t believe that one digital marketing strategy fits all. We take our time to evaluate each business’s web presence and use our experience-based knowledge to provide insightful solutions. Some businesses require a multi-faceted approach because of their industry or amount of competitors, while others may just need the essential digital channels.

Business Values & Ethics

Our values are based on Christian and family values. This means we provide all of our customers’ honest work at a fair rate no matter the size or type of business. Search Engine Optimization is our passion, but it is fueled by our desire to share our digital marketing knowledge and experience to help small businesses succeed in a digital competitive landscape. We do unto our customers as we want to be done unto us.

Our work is based on Best Practices and no shortcuts or black-hat tactics. Best Practices involve being in line with the way search engines rank and rate websites and web pages. We play by the rules and avoid breaking the rules or using any “black hat” techniques which can penalize a website.

We take what we learned from working on corporate websites and digital marketing campaigns and apply that to your local small business. This will enable your business to better compete with large corporations in your market and multiple markets!

Client Engagement

Our clients are the reason we are in business. With that in mind, we pay attention and customize our strategy to fit each client and their industry. To us, it is not important how many clients we serve, but how well we serve each client. We have served national, regional, and local clients. Now we share our wealth of knowledge and experience with your small business. For a full list of the clients, we have worked with in the past see our Internet Marketing & SEO clients page.

Mindful of Scheduling

Your Time is important. Our response time to your questions or issues is a priority. We will respond to your electronic communication or call as soon as we are able to do so. As a client, you are part of our family.

We usually communicate with clients electronically by email, text message, or video conference. We may also meet with clients in person providing CDC COVID-19 protocol is followed. The key here is we want to communicate with clients as efficiently as possible by providing agendas and follow-up notes to every meeting.

For example, it is more efficient to meet in person to develop a strategic plan than to email or web conference a call. Consequently, having a 45-minute web conference call to review a report with the client makes better use of time than having our clients drive to a meeting location for 30 minutes to meet for 45 minutes and driving back for 30 minutes.

Affordable Prices & Rates

Our rates are fair and extremely competitive. We will not charge clients frivolous fees, unaccounted hours, or charges for work hours that were not performed. If you are on a retainer or monthly plan for a certain number of hours, those will be the hours that are worked each month unless unusual circumstances prevent us from completing the work or going over to complete a project. We will discuss with you in advance if we are going over our allotted hours.

Seo Digital Partners recently added digital marketing packages to help small businesses test additional digital channels at a low cost.

Get More for Your Money

We have no hidden fees or costly expenses that will waste your critical marketing budget. Are you ready to place our years of experience to work for your business? For your free website visibility audit or more details about our SEO and digital marketing services, call us now.