Small Business Marketing Agency

Welcome to the SEO Digital Partners’ website. Our small business marketing agency strives to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations with exemplary business ethics, honest work, over 11 years of experience, quick response to your questions, team training, and fair pricing for everyone.

Advantages of Our Small Business Marketing Agency

Business Values & Ethics

Our Values are based on Christian and family values. This means we provide all of our customers, honest work at a fair rate no matter the size or type of business. Digital marketing is our passion, but it is fueled by our desire to share our knowledge and experience to help small businesses succeed in a digital competitive landscape. We do unto our customers as we want to be done unto us, no BS.

Our work is based on Best Practices and no shortcuts or hacks. SEO Best Practices involve being in line with the way search engines rank and rate websites and web pages. We play by the rules and avoid breaking the rules or using “black hat” techniques.

 small business marketing agency meeting
Learn the advantages of hiring our small business marketing agency.

National and International Experience

Our Experience is with local, national, and international clients. What this means for your small business is our experience will give your business a unique competitive advantage. We have tested and tried methods, plans, and strategies that work – your business is not our experiment.

Our clients are the reason we are in business. With that in mind, we pay attention and customize our strategy to fit each client and their industry. To us, it is not important how many clients we serve, but how well we serve each client. We have served international, national, and regional clients. Now we share our wealth of knowledge and experience from our former clients with your small business.

Efficient Use of Your Time and Ours

Time is money and your time is important to us as much as it is. Our response time to your digital marketing questions or issues is a priority. We will respond to your electronic communication or call as soon as we can do so. As a client, you are part of our family and your time is important.

We usually communicate with clients electronically by email or text messages (if it is urgent or we need your decision quickly), or in a web conference video call. However, we will meet with clients face-to-face after the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic is over. The key is we communicate with all of our clients as efficiently as possible.

In addition, we hate wasteful meetings as much as you do. So with most of our clients, we meet weekly and provide monthly reporting with an action plan. Consequently, our weekly meetings last an average of 30 to 45 minutes and include a list of weekly action times that we will follow up on the following week.

We also include our monthly action plan and you have 48 hours to ask questions or suggest changes in our action plan. Therefore, we spend less time in inefficient meetings and more time working for you.

Excellent Value and Rates

As we mentioned before, our experience of our 11 years in working with national and international brands is here to help you level the digital marketing playing field and quite frankly it’s priceless. We have worked on technical website issues, website migrations, automotive, e-commerce, home services, hospitality, medical, real estate, retail, and legal websites. We have the experience it takes to get results when clients follow our recommendations and plans.

Your only as valuable as your experience and how recent your data is to make the best possible decision, right? Every time we work on w project we do a quick review of the data we have to check for relevancy and how recent it is. This means if the project is older than 30 days we will run a quick keyword and competitor research to make sure we are targeting your audience properly.

Our rates are fair and extremely competitive. In fact, we even have marketing packages for small businesses just like yours!

We will not charge clients frivolous administration or set-up fees, unaccounted hours, or charges for work hours that were not performed. If you are on a retainer or monthly plan for a certain number of hours, the agreed hours are worked each month unless unusual circumstances prevent us from completing the work. If this happens, we will notify you that we will make up those hours the following month.

Learn Small Business Marketing from Us

Would you rather do your own digital marketing but don’t know where to begin? No worries, we can teach you digital marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media, and more. We have trained world-class teams across the United States in everything from how to read a website or SEO report to how to track your social media results!

Our training is at your pace and we cover a variety of relevant small business marketing topics including but not limited to Content Marketing, Display, Local SEO, SEO, SEM – PPC, Social Media, YouTube channel, and video optimization. At the end of each training module, we provide each student a certificate of completion at the end of each training.

Your Texas Small Business Marketing Agency

In case you may be wondering, oftentimes we conduct online marketing research and testing to help us better understand our clients’ competitive landscape and audience. This may include, but not exclusively, testing landing pages or new digital channels and researching competitors or new keywords. Online marketing research and testing are necessary in order for our recommendations, plans, and strategies to be useful and to explore untapped opportunities for your business.

If you’re ready to place our years of international and national experience to work for your business then contact us today. Complete our easy information form or call us now.