What Is SEO? SEO Is Like An Airport

What is SEO? SEO is like an airport, analogy.

Are you wondering what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization can be confusing to understand, especially when you examine its over 200 elements that make up the Google ranking algorithm. What if we used an analogy to focus on a few top elements? What if we said SEO is like an airport? Your website is the airport and the traffic that comes to and from your website comes for a great experience. Sometimes we lose sight as to why our business has a website. It is not to sell or persuade someone as most of us may be lead to believe. The purpose of a website is what the user takes away from their visit to the website.

In our analogy of an airport, people go to an airport not experience the airport but to experience a visit with friends or family, or to travel to a place they have never been. Sometimes the airport visitors are there to begin a vacation at a place that is familiar and which they’ve been to before.

Let’s sit back for a minute and look at how we can make that experience for our website visitors a positive user experience (UX). Have you ever been to an airport that was so crowded you were barely able to get your boarding pass and get onto the plane with only seconds to spare? How about an airport that was not so busy that you had plenty of time to grab lunch or a beverage, or even have time to check your email and surf the web before boarding your flight?

All of these experiences have probably happened to all of us at some point in our lives. What about the experience where you couldn’t wait to get to the airport to go to your final destination? Or the experience where you could hardly wait to leave the airport and go back home? Let’s focus on how to avoid an experience where your website visitor wants to hurry back home.

What is SEO? SEO is like an airport, analogy.

The Importance of the User Experience in SEO

Search Engine Optimization helps bring the “right” visitors who are in search of the experience your website will provide by solving a problem for the user. To have an inviting website and keep your website visitors engaged, you will want to focus on the quality of your website’s content. Also as important is your website’s user interface (UI). This means how well a website responds to most devices on mobile, tablet and desktop.

If you were on a mobile phone and visiting a website you’re looking to solve a perceived or unperceived problem. You may just be researching a topic you just found out about in your email or someone mentioned online. Another example may be, your child is sick and you have to find a home remedy for his or her symptoms. Either scenario you are looking to solve the problem.

The first scenario you’re looking to gain information with the problem being you don’t have that information. In the second scenario, it is more obvious that the problem is your sick child and you’re looking for a home remedy to make him or her to feel better.

What is SEO? SEO is like an airport, analogy.

The Importance of Unique Content in SEO

Like an airport, your website has traffic at all hours of the day and the amount of traffic depends on the quality of the SEO that was performed on your website and the content of your website.

Therefore, if you take this approach to provide unique/ usable content and a great mobile experience – your website visitor will always be the primary focus of your SEO. Just like in the airport when you fly certain airline it’s because of the experience that you’ve had. Airlines with great customer service are always booked and or rarely at a discount. But when they do offer discounts those discounts are readily taken by previous customers or those who have heard of or read positive reviews from other customers.

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