What is SEO? SEO is Like NASCAR Racing

SEO is Like NASCAR Racing Cars

SEO Is Like NASCAR Racing

And like many things in life, professional racing requires multiple elements to be consistently upgraded and finely tuned (aka optimized). Imagine all the “key elements” that need to be analyzed routinely including – the racing vehicle, track conditions, the skill of driver and pit crew, and of course your competitors at each circuit race.

As a NASCAR racing team owner, you may decide to implement an expensive, cutting edge exhaust system on your best car. You notice in your trials that the car clocked better with the enhancement, but you still didn’t win that week’s race. For the next circuit race, you install a new suspension but again you lose the race. Worse, your competition still beat you soundly without the two optimizations you have. Some of your team starts to get frustrated and confused. Theories and opinions are flying, and the level of stress is rising!

You may keep buying, trying, testing, eliminating anything that will slow your racing car down. You watch your competitors and study their moves for inspiration, and look for weaknesses you can capitalize on. You stay focused. Suddenly, towards the middle of the season, something happens. You start placing in the top 5. The points and rewards (money) you’re receiving is slowly starting to add up. Your stress level is all but gone!

Then, you suddenly start winning. Your winnings offset all your losses with a healthy margin of revenue left over to enjoy some luxury comforts. But it’s important you think about next season and your next level of racing. New technology will arise. New track conditions, new team members for both you and your competitors, and a hundred other factors will need your monitoring. Don’t sit still just because you’re winning – if you don’t stick with it, you’re going to fall behind again. You can’t afford to do that after all your investments.

As a business owner, you may be deciding between hiring an expensive, cutting edge SEO agency for your website or doing it yourself. You begin to review the proposal the expensive SEO agency gave you a few weeks ago but decide you will learn SEO and do it yourself or to “save you time” you have a nephew who is in business school who can pull this off for you! A few weeks go by and the SEO that your nephew “installed” on your website doesn’t seem to have made any positive changes for your website. You perform a search on Google for your website’s top keyword and you are not even on page 3 for any of your top keywords. You call your nephew, the millennial, in college and he assures you he optimized your blog posts, social media and your images on your website.

Suddenly, you see the value of SEO, done right, and begin to look for a local professional SEO company. As with any vendor you hire for your business, be sure to check reviews, and most importantly if the SEO company will work with your business’s needs and budget. You may not need all the bells and whistles, just the technical and basic SEO to get customers from Google to your website.

NASCAR and SEO is best left to the professionals who keep up with SEO Best Practices. There are plenty of local professional SEO companies in North Texas but, how do you find the one that is right for your business? You should look beyond the rates and more closely on their performance. Like a finely-tuned NASCAR racing car, it takes several key elements to win the race and so it will take several elements of SEO to be “fine-tuned” to have winning SEO for your business. SEO Digital Partners takes their 12 years of corporate America expertise and uses that to help small businesses compete and win against large competitors.

SEO for Your Small Business

We’ve used the NASCAR racing analogy a few times. We have used it mainly in explaining what our clients will be in for with a long term SEO engagement. Many small businesses want to compete with big companies, but they have limited resources.  That’s where we step in to break down the cost of SEO into affordable monthly installments. We prioritize SEO as it relates to, website optimization, link building, social media, and blog post optimization.

If a small business doesn’t want a monthly commitment to SEO, maybe that business should try paid search or PPC. Be sure to keep in mind if you decide to have only PPC for your small business, that organic traffic, that is SEO traffic accounts for the majority of website traffic to most websites. Therefore, investing in paid advertising for your business like PPC should be considered carefully or at least proportional to the number of leads/ paid traffic it generates monthly for the website, as compared to SEO traffic.

If you are new or unfamiliar with PPC or SEO, we recommend hiring a professional first before going at it on your own and wasting time or, money or both. An alternative to hiring someone to perform these digital marketing functions is learning SEO or PPC yourself. Our SEO courses are designed to help small business owners better understand and perform their own SEO for there business. Call us now for more details.