What is SEO? SEO Is Like A VIP Party

SEO Is Like a VIP Party

We’ve all been to at least one celebration in our lives which we had wished we never attended and one celebration which we wished would never end, right? Well, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is like a VIP Party.

The Google organic ranking algorithm uses over 200 elements to rank over 35 trillion (not a typo) web pages, yet it has barley scratched the surface of all the web pages available everyday. So let’s look at it like this, Google has the invitations to all the VIP parties an in order to get invited, you have to meet some criteria.

As for those of us that have been invited to and planned a VIP party can best explain it this way, the over 200 elements to rank is an analogy for the over 200 things that must be considered when planning a VIP celebration. In this SEO analogy, let’s group these elements into “bite size portions” excuse the pun, or categories, The Essentials, The Basics, The Accessories, and The Ambiance.

The Essentials

The essentials for a party include an accessible location with ample room and restrooms, an accommodating time of the event, and a flexible itinerary. Most parties or celebrations are held in someone’s home but the VIP celebrations we are referencing are held in upscale facilities with clean restrooms and valet parking.

The VIP celebrations that are remembered and talked about on Social Media and forums had the best available for their essentials and were held during a convenient time for most. These events were held after a major event where it was convenient to stop by for socializing and to discuss the major event they attended like the Grammy, the Academy Awards, or the Golden Globe after parties.

The itinerary at these VIP parties is almost non-existent, but for a few announcements either at the beginning of the celebration and/ or at the end when it’s time to clear everyone out. Most who attend have planned to meet their friends or workmates there to celebrate the night’s achievements. There are a few reporters who have access to these events but most must grab the celebrities attention before they enter the party’s facility. Once inside, the VIPs or celebrities, have free roam of the facility – to a certain degree, and it is free of the questions form the Press.

The Basics

We want to make a distinction between essentials and basics for a VIP party. The basics in our analogy refers to the services that should be in place at the facility, while the Essentials refers to the 3 essentials for those to attend. Our basics at a VIP celebration include the valet, the food and beverage services, and the cleanliness of the the facility.

Often times, we may attend parties where one or more of these “basics” for a VIP celebration is missing and still have a great time. Our point here is that if it’s a VIP party you will have first class service and all of these services.

In addition, most VIP parties will have a bathroom attendant that provides each guest with a choice of name brand or designer toiletries and breath mints. Who wouldn’t want fresh breath before you return to your table and continue talking with your friends, right?

The Accessories

As we reference the Accessories, this includes the details for the event such as napkins, food utensils, cups and glasses, decor and furnishings. Some may consider the Accessories as “not important,” but those that do have never planned a VIP party.

Remember the purpose of the celebration is to impress the guests and leave a lasting impression. Although some decor and furnishings will help in creating the ambiance. We are not planning a children’s birthday party but an “event of the season” which the guests and the Press may or may not mention in a positive or negative fashion on Social Media afterwards.

The Ambiance

While we all know that the ambiance for a VIP party is very different than that of a backyard bar-b-q, it may not be as clear as how many elements impact a party’s ambiance. The party details build the ambiance. The brand of champagne and the type of crystal used for the champagne glasses are both important details that should not be left to the untrained professional. When a party’s budget is not as important as the lasting impression it leaves on its guests, then you know you’re paying attention to the ambiance.

SEO Is Like a VIP Party

As we mentioned before, the “bite size” categories to consider in our analogy include the following with SEO Best Practices in mind:

The Essentials in SEO

The Essentials in SEO as in our VIP party analogy are the accessibility, how accommodating and flexible the website is for its visitors.

The Basics in SEO

When we refer to the Basics for SEO we are referencing the Title tags, Meta Descriptions, and all the onsite tagging that needs to be there for the Search Engines to index the site accordingly. As in our analogy with a VIP party this lest our guests know we have taken care of the basics so they know what to expect upon arrival.

The Accessories in SEO

Some may consider accessories as un-necessaries but they are not when it comes to SEO. The accessories in SEO are the elements of the design including the images, videos, info-graphics, and contact forms of the website. Although they seem as “just the aesthetics” they are creating a user experience and if something “looks off,” is broken or not user-friendly, then your website will have a high bounce rate and traffic will not convert into a call or a sale. Yes, these Accessory elements help in creating a website ambiance.

The Ambiance in SEO

We have reviewed all the Essential, Basic and Accessory elements which add to the overall ambiance or content of your website. If content is king as most digital marketing experts say it is, then Ambiance is King for VIP parties, right?

Think back to the last time you were in a night club and out of the corner of your eye you saw a roped off section, labeled, VIP. What went trough your mind? You say to yourself, “Is there a celebrity or politician attending this night club tonight that I should know about?” You scroll through your Social Media feed and find nothing mentioned or hash tagged for the night club you’re in. Then you realize they changed the name of the night club and suddenly it pops up on your Social Media feed that the artist who had a concert in town, scheduled an after party in the night club you are in! If only you had received an invite.

Google and other Search Engines can be a little like this in that they will not send you an invitation or index your website’s pages and posts if you do not meet the criteria. So what can you do? You can learn SEO from a local professional SEO company or hire us to get you in the VIP List by performing SEO on your website. The choice is yours, contact us today.