Veterans, Want to Learn SEO?

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Learn SEO Veterans!

As a veteran, you may have a preference give to you by large corporate employers, which is great! But If you have an entrepreneurial spirit or own your own business website, then you will want to read the rest of this article.

There never has been a better time to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than the present. Although as a veteran you may have honed in your skills in military technology, as a civilian you may not be able to apply all that knowledge and experience.

Veterans have an advantage over civilians when applying for a job but if your experience is not relevant to the job description you may as well need not apply, right? My father had this challenge as a vet. He was a former Air Force military medic but when he transitioned into civilian life he was unable to find a job where his skills and experience matched the job. He searched for many weeks before deciding to enroll in college and earn a Bachelor’s degree. His career path soon changed right after graduation he was hired almost immediately.

However, in today’s job market most employers are more interested in the knowledge and experience of the candidate instead of the actual degree. Case in point, when I applied for my first job straight out of college, I was hired by businessmen who had high school diplomas and one actually had a GED because he had to drop out of school to work and finished high school in a non-traditional manner. It used to be the title of “manager” required a college degree but that is no longer the case.

So if you’re a veteran business owner and are researching ways to improve your website’s traffic and sales you probably came across the term SEO. Well, you may think SEO is a bit complicated or maybe you’re just unsure what it really is and why you should pay a millennial to optimize your website. Well, you don’t. You can learn it yourself and perform SEO on your website by calling SEO Digital Partners.

Why Learn SEO from Us?

The following are our top reasons why you should learn SEO from SEO Digital Partners:

  1. We provide over 11 years of digital marketing experience with national and international clients on tested campaigns to minimize your digital marketing investment and maximize your ROI!
  2. You will be learning SEO Best Practices and what is most relevant to make your business website profitable.
  3. You will learn SEO on your schedule and on your computer. This helps cut down any technical issues you may encounter on your device and keeps your browser bookmarks accessible.
  4. You are the only student. We teach you the way you learn best, hands-on and with lots of visuals.
  5. You have the expert’s attention to answer any questions you have.
  6. Most of our class/ training options offer 30-day support from an SEO expert. After the class is over you can still call, write or text questions to one of our SEO experts.
  7. You will receive a certificate of completion and can add this accreditation to your resume.

Discount to Learn SEO for Veterans

We offer our SEO class training to the general public but on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, we want to show our appreciation for all our U.S.A. servicemen that served our country. On these special days, we offer veterans and veteran business owners, with a military ID, a 15% discount to our SEO one-on-one classes. We are giving back to our American veterans and veteran business owners have given this country so much. Learn SEO for your business or as a new skill that we hope will open new opportunities for you. Call us today and learn how to SEO your website!