Workshop Terms and Conditions



Thank you for attending our workshop(s) and we look forward to helping your business grow! For the full enjoyment of all who attend our workshops, we ask for your cooperation.

By registering for this workshop, you agree to the following:

  • Allow us to photograph the workshops and use for promotional purposes
  • Follow professional etiquette and respect others opinions
  • Not disrupt the workshop in any way while presenter(s), guest(s), audience is engaging
  • Please raise your hand if you have any questions during the workshop and wait to be called on by the presenter
  • Refrain from bringing any firearms concealed or non-concealed regardless of legal permit
  • Refrain from bringing or using any photo, video, recording devices or software
  • Turn all mobile device’s alarms and ringers to off or on vibrate mode


By following SEO Digital Partners’ workshop terms and conditions, all attendees and participants will be able to fully enjoy and learn from what our presenter(s) have to offer.