How SEO Is Like An Eye Prescription


Learn how SEO is like an eye prescription that helps you focus your website’s traffic on new customers and discover four ways SEO helps small businesses grow!

New clients often ask us to explain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and so we find it easiest to explain by using an analogy. We recently came up with a new analogy on how SEO helps small businesses grow.

SEO in its fundamental state is correctly pointing Google and other search engines to your website’s webpages for the correct search term (keyword) that your target customers are using. The key is to conduct extensive keyword research and not assume what your potential customers are using to find your type of business on the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs).

How SEO Is Like A Eye Prescription

By using SEO you improve your business focus on new customers, just like a new pair of glasses or contact lenses provide you with better vision. SEO provides search engines with a focused look at your website’s content and purpose. To have your website found by Google and other search engines for the right customers, you must have the prescribed SEO Best Practices on each webpage.

The right prescription means following Best Practices for SEO at the time well targeting the best keywords for each webpage of your site. By “best keywords,” we mean keywords the target audience would use and is part of the natural language of the content on the page. The content on the page must be natural and flowing and with the User (website visitor) intent in mind. “User intent in mind,” means the content on the webpage is understandable, is written concisely, and is relevant to the reader by providing some use or utilitarian value.

The intent of each webpage must not be to merely provide information, Wikipedia does that, but your content’s intent should help the user solve a problem. By helping the User with thorough solutions to one problem per webpage, your content gains value for the User and increases the chances for sharability. The Sharability of your content helps build your SEO through link building.

Updating Your SEO Prescription

As a prescription needs to be adjusted over time, so does your website’s SEO. Therefore, you will need to optimize your website more than once a year or once during the lifetime of your website. The adjustments are necessary to keep your business competitive.

Although most eye prescriptions do not need to be adjusted except once a year with an eye check-up, SEO needs to be checked and adjusted to the current SEO Best Practices, monthly. The reason is Google and other search engines are continuously adjusting their ranking algorithm which impacts most websites across various industries. SEO is not something that you can “set and forget.” It is something that needs to be reviewed revised and re-evaluated at least monthly.

Ways SEO Helps Small Businesses Be Competitive

If you haven’t invested time to learn SEO or hire someone to manage your SEO, you are losing opportunities for traffic to your website which may have become your new customers. The following are four ways SEO helps small business grow:

  1. Organic Website Traffic. SEO provides a steady stream of organic website traffic when done correctly. Unlike Paid Google Ads or Paid Facebook Ads, which stop generating traffic after they are stopped. SEO keeps generating website traffic weeks and sometimes months after you optimize a webpage, as long as it is still following current SEO Best Practices.
  2. Target Potential Customers. As discussed earlier, by conducting keyword research you can find data on what keywords are being used to find your type of business.
  3. Target Customer Locations. By using specific geo-target keywords on certain pages of your website you let both the Search Engines and potential customers know where you do business. This is one of the basic components of Local SEO, along with checking and revising online citations.
  4. Branding for Your Business. When you add SEO to images and video you are branding your business to the Search Engines and online Users. Optimizing images and videos on YouTube will help develop your business’s brand identity. Be sure to select your images and spokespersons or narrators on your videos carefully. This is all part of your brand.

When It’s Time to Update Your SEO

So when was the last time that you had your SEO reviewed or had an SEO audit? When was the last time that you tested mobile page speed for your top web pages on your website? How often do you crawl your website to find broken links or missing metadata? These are all important questions that should have a single answer. No, we are not talking about answering, “I don’t remember” or “It has been a while,” as the correct answer to these questions. We are inferring the answer should be, “the beginning of this month,” or “Last month,” or “Last week.”

As we’ve discussed it is important to review, revise, and re-evaluate SEO at least monthly. If it has been “a while” since you have looked at or perhaps you have recently looked at and found issues on your website, or suspect a Google penalty, please contact us. We are happy to teach your SEO, and or provide you SEO services for your website, call us today.