How SEO Helps Small Businesses Grow Now


Local restaurants and retail small businesses are having a difficult time, to say the least, during the coronavirus pandemic. Even though the economy is opening up local restaurants and retail businesses, operating at just 50% capacity is making it hard to keep their doors open. With free delivery, curbside service, and taking extra measures to protect their customers, it all comes down to added expenses to the bottom line.

Local Restaurants and Retail Businesses’ Challenges

Unfortunately, if you’re not the CEO of a restaurant chain giving away $800,000 to its employees, most local restaurants and retail small businesses are incurring the following unexpected additional costs:

  1. Additional sanitation and cleaning. This is a necessity that is vital for the safety of the employees and customers. This is a new and additional cost that was not anticipated that includes sanitation for both employees and customers.
  2. Payroll. Keeping most of the employees on staff while business is slow. In other words, their overhead stays the same but their revenue from their business has or is declining. Most municipalities are restricting occupancy to 50% of total allotted occupancy during the current coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Overhead. Keeping regularly scheduled hours of operation even though there is a lack of demand because customers will not come into the restaurants or local retail shops to dine-in or browse. This means utilities and monthly rent stays about the same while the business’ revenue is reduced.
  4. Taxes. Taxes will be due soon and most restaurants or small businesses pay most of their taxes at the end of the fiscal year. Unlike corporations or large companies that able to pay as they go or quarterly taxes because they have someone that handles their taxes throughout the year.
  5. Illnesses from Coronavirus. A family member may have become infected and is now needing medical care. Consider that you may be a small business owner on a tight budget running a profitable business but then a family member or employee becomes infected and you have to take action. I may mean providing medical care to a loved one or an increase in medical insurance because your employee(s) have submitted a claim. This again is an additional cost that was not anticipated prior to March 2020.

Where SEO and Digital Marketing Come In

Business owners, if there ever was time to invest in your business for its future, it’s now. One of the best ways to invest in your business is to use Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing to promote and acquire new local customers.

Digital marketing is one of the most accountable types of marketing available because it is trackable. In other words, you can see where and how your marketing investment is being spent.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help when potential customers search for your business by making sure your business shows up locally on Google Maps and Apple Maps. Providing local customers with accurate and fresh information in maps listings is just one of many ways Local SEO helps small businesses stay competitive with national brands.

For your free local SEO analysis, call SEO Digital Partners to get your business in front of more local customers today!