Google Algorithm Update December 2018


Did A Google Algorithm Update Just Happen?

It’s possible that on November 30th some adjustment was made in the Google ranking algorithm that caused some fluctuations in several industry websites. According to some experts, here is what they are saying about the possible recent update…

Comment User A:

“I have (seen) about -28% drop in traffic. It’s the biggest drop for the last 2 years…”

Comment, User B:

“As usual, people are paying too much attention to short-term fluctuations in their traffic. Some of it might be due to Google’s testing, but there are often also other temporary circumstances and factors involved as well. My suggestion is to ignore the temporary effects and look at the longer-term trend.”

Comment, User C:

“Not for me. On the 25th the positions came back one day later. This time it seems to be sticky. (Medical Niche)
unbelievable… 6 years daily work on a website, completely gone.

– 100% clean link profile (Links from Universities, Hospitals, Doctors, Newspapers)
– Community with 1,5 Million Posts and 50.000 Users (around 1000 heavy Users)
– Thin content with fewer chars are always being set to “noindex” (automatically)
– never had any panda problems. Never react to an update before.

And now, Google is saying: Its nothing wrong with your site, we just don’t like it anymore. Without giving a hint what we do wrong. In my niche, the SERPs are worse since 1. August. Only hospitals and pharma firms with fewer (pieces of) information. I am pretty sure, there is something wrong. The parameters and the indicators for EAT are wrong…”

Source: Webmaster World

What Caused the Recent Google Algorithm Update?

So I guess it depends on several factors. First the industry. It seems the medical industry may have taken the biggest hit but we still need to wait and see how the month ends for this and other industries.

Second, it may have been a just a temporary impact that needs to happen to keep on the algorithm in check. Simply put, Google may have run a test then pulled the tested adjustment in the algorithm when they saw a huge impact – which may or may not have been the desired end result.

Third, it may have NOTHING to do with a Google algorithm update, and it could have been a slump because of Black Friday and consumers switch their internet browsing habits to e-commerce. If you have an e-commerce site you obviously saw a huge surge n traffic Thanksgiving weekend and into Cyber Monday, right? Let us know if we’re on track with this theory.

How to Recover from A Google Algorithm Update

Many times businesses don’t notice a significant (25% or greater) drop in traffic or calls from their website until the end of their reporting period. It is a good practice to monitor your website weekly or let an SEO professional like SEO Digital Partners monitor your website’s vital signs weekly in order to adjust and maintain a normal level of traffic and call for the month.

Recovering after a Google algorithm update may not always be as simple as it seems. Sometimes it may mean both SEO and web development teams work together for solutions to get the website traffic back on track. Other time it may as simple as adding a required page, tagging or other backend website coding to enable a better search and user experience.

Don’t you think a small investment to retain an SEO professional is worth the money if it means keeping your website traffic and calls consistent with normal trends month over month? It may mean the difference between losing only a few hundred dollars whenever there is a Google algorithm update, as opposed to losing several thousand potential new customers to your website.

How Did A Google Algorithm Update Affect Your Website?

How would you know if your website lost traffic or calls? Accurate tracking through Google Tag Manager or other tracking pixels will show you major fluctuations in your reporting. If you haven’t implemented tracking on your website, now is a good time to do so. Using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or tracking phone numbers are just a few of the many ways websites track traffic and calls.

Did your website had a significant amount of traffic slump or traffic surge that was greater than what your site may have experienced in 2017? What industry and was this an industry trend for your website this time of year? Simply email us, or call us to let us know what your website or websites experienced on or before December 1, 2018.