11 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

outsourcing digital marketing saves time

One of our favorite analogies when we explain SEO is the analogy of building a house and how it compares to building your SEO on your website. However, if you were going to build a house, would you build it by yourself? Would you take the time to survey the land, draft blueprints, buy all the materials, get building permits, mix the cement and start pouring the foundation? Or would you outsource the project by hiring an architect and contractors?

So, why not outsource your business’ digital marketing. Do you have time and knowledge to develop multiple digital marketing campaigns, write content, optimize content, optimize images, and do everything else involved in running a successful holistic digital marketing strategy? Then, why are you trying to do it all yourself?

As a business owner, you know your industry and business better than anyone. How much do you know and keep up within the digital marketing space?

In starting your business, your goal wasn’t to become a great marketer. Your goal was to become a successful business owner.

Our 11 Reasons for Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

1) Save Valuable Time

Hiring highly skilled and experienced marketing professionals will free up more of your valuable time. It will allow you to use the saved time in learning and implementing all aspects of your digital marketing into other areas of your business that you know. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend time in the weeds of marketing. Let someone else do it for you.
If you need 100 blog posts for your website, don’t write them yourself—go out and buy them right now.
Think about it…if the average blog post takes 2.5 hours to write, hiring someone else to write those 100 posts just saved 250 hours of your time (that’s 6.25 work weeks!).

2) Partner With A Digital Marketing Specialist

Are you a marketing guru? You don’t have to be a successful business owner. The reason you have pilots to fly planes, architects to design buildings, and surgeons to perform surgery is the same reason you have marketing professionals to manage your social media, copywriting, and lead generation. Much like the auto mechanic who’s an expert at fixing your car, a marketing professional is an expert at growing your business—they can accomplish in one day what might have taken you an entire week.

If, for example, none of your in-house marketing people are SEO experts, you can’t ask them to optimize your website for organic search ranking on Google. This is why outsourcing is so powerful for marketing—at any point and time, you can plug a knowledge gap with ease by contracting with a marketing expert or a marketing agency.

3) Narrow Your Data Gap

Your in-house marketing team might be skilled, but they may not be using the best marketing tools. Is your in-house team using all the data available to them and are they measuring the most important metrics that can impact your business’ sales? Chances are they are using basic tools or a few subscription-based tools but, how often do they run an SEO audit, website migration, a competitive or keyword gap analysis?

4) Grow Your Business Exponentially

By outsourcing your marketing, you’re giving yourself more time to focus on your business—what makes it unique and how you can make it better. It will also help you outpace your competition, make more money, and grow your company.

When you assign the responsibility of marketing to an outsourced expert, you give yourself the freedom to work on the business initiatives that truly require your attention and your expertise.

5) Gain Expert Insight

A marketing consultant will provide an analysis of where your best business opportunities lie, and how to increase your growth. A digital marketing agency like SEO Digital Partners will take steps to prioritize tasks, projects, and goals to set your business up for long-term success.

6) Keep Current on Marketing Trends

Do you know how many times Google updated their core algorithm in 2020? Marketing is always evolving, and unless you’re in the weeds of the industry on a daily basis, you’ll miss out on key updates and innovations that will cost your business money. Outsource your marketing and your business will always be on the pulse of industry changes to  allow your organization to grow rapidly.

7) Minimize Marketing Staff Turnover

If you have an in-house marketing team of two people, you’re getting 120 hours of work from that team every week. Thanks
But what if 120 hours of work isn’t getting it done? What if you need your team to push the envelope to meet the changing needs of your business? What if you need them to put in 160 hours instead of 120? You can ask your team to work harder and longer, but you risk burnout and turnover in the process. You can hire someone new, but it’ll take anywhere from six to eight weeks to find the right person, and then another six to eight weeks to train them or, you can outsource your marketing.

With outsourcing, there are no benefits to provide, payroll taxes to pay, or vacations to honor, Also, there’s minimal risk of turnover if your digital marketing is outsourced.

8) Properly Measure Your Return on Investment (ROI)

When you’re running your own marketing campaign, it can be challenging to measure ROI because you don’t have the right tools and systems in place to track your efforts. When you cannot correctly track ROI, then it will be difficult to tell if your marketing is working and when it is not. By outsourcing your marketing to experts, you’ll know exactly which of your marketing efforts are working and which ones are not.

9) Incentivize Your Experts to Get Results

It is best to have clear expectations before signing any contracts with digital marketing agencies. Start by limiting the time for results. Usually, for SEO we design six-month engagements and then move to month-to-month terms while still obtaining monthly goals. Always verbalize your expectations to see if they can be met with that digital channel or if your expectation may best be met via another digital channel.

If you believe you aren’t getting what you paid for, discuss alternate solutions with your agency. Your outsourced copywriter delivering the quality you want? Your social media specialist isn’t generating the engagements you want? Your SEO specialist isn’t improving your organic click through rate? — it’s time to contact us!

10) Maintain A Balanced Marketing Budget

You may have considered hiring another/ a full-time marketing employee. Imagine what you get when you hire a digital marketing agency. Their team of experts with experience in various digital channels that you can pull to use or test at any given time. Say you would like to get more into search engine optimization (SEO) for your business, but it doesn’t make economic sense to hire a full-time, in-house SEO specialist. What do you do? You outsource your SEO!

11) Your Peace of Mind

You may have been up late at night worrying about some aspect of your marketing strategy or campaign at some point as a business owner. Consider getting restful sleep knowing your digital marketing agency or expert is on the job working to give your business a competitive edge. Really great marketing professionals, like SEO Digital Partners, love what they do and because they do, they’re always thinking of ways to improve what they do. Whether it is researching new tools or reading professional articles on the latest Google Algorithm update, they are in your corner.

How to Hire A Digital Marketing or SEO Agency

When it comes to the growth of your business, outsourcing is a great solution. It allows you to focus your time and energy on your areas of expertise rather than developing a laundry-list of secondary skills to support the various needs of your business. It can help you build insight into your competitors and keep you within your budget while improving your ROI.

We have gathered data from various experts on how to hire a digital marketing or SEO agency. We came across the following key elements:

  • Research the agencies with experience in your industry
  • Select your top three digital agencies or digital consultants
  • Interview the owner of the digital marketing agency
  • Interview the person that will be your agency representative
  • Ask for a couple of references from your the agencies/ consultants you’re considering
  • Ask for a short-term contract, six months or so, to see what results your business receives from their work


Are you ready for your business to be more successful, invest your time in what you know and assign your marketing to an expert? It’s time to outsource your digital marketing. Free up more time to focus on your business and are considering outsourcing your marketing to us, just call us at (682) 777-6501 or, visit us at SEOdigitalPartners.com.