Search Engine Marketing (SEM): PPC, Display, Paid Social

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is defined as the paid digital marketing channel that includes Pay Per Click, Paid Display, Paid Social Media, and Paid Video ads. This is not to be confused with digital marketing services which include all the digital marketing channels.

What Are the Advantages of Paid Search?

  1. Quick Response. Search Engine Marketing quickly contributes to the bottom line with a competitive budget for the length of the campaign.
  2. Trackable campaign. A paid campaign is trackable down to the User’s IP address.
  3. Flexible campaign targeting. Paid search campaigns can be geo-targeted as tightly as a 5-mile radius to each of your locations.
  4. Adjustments to a paid campaign can be made daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. An SEM campaign can also, in most instances, be paused for an unlimited amount of time.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Paid Search?

  1. When you turn off a Search Engine Marketing campaign your leads stop instantly regardless of the size of your budget or how long the campaign has been running.
  2. Your Cost Per Click may be higher than your competitor based on your landing page Quality Score. This means you have to take some time and thought into all your landing pages and avoid “clickbait.”
  3. The cost of a competitive paid search campaign in some industries and markets may be high for small businesses. Industries such as automotive, law, and real estate are examples of a high cost of entry for pay per click or pay per call campaigns.

Now know there are both positives and negatives to Search Engine Marketing. Business owners have to marketing research and testing or find a small business agency that has tested a similar business to develop a competitive landing page and paid search campaign. Although it may be tough entering a competitive industry or market area with paid search, in many instances it is well worth it.

What’s A Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy?

For example, a business may have a great paid social media campaign on YouTube and Linked In along with Bing Ads that hit 50% of their targeted audience. If we take this organization’s strategy to a holistic level, we may add email marketing, and search engine optimization (optimizing for the keywords that have a high Cost Per Click in our paid search campaigns). By adding these digital channels we may be able to reach 75% or more of your targeted audience or take a greater market share from competitors.

One of the best ways to test this holistic marketing planning is to try bundling some of the digital marketing services. SEO Digital Partners offers digital marketing packages for small businesses. These bundles enable small businesses to try an additional digital marketing service at a low or no extra cost for a specified amount of time.

The key is to add just the right digital marketing mix so your small business will hit 75% or more of your targeted audience. Leveraging or creating a holistic strategy by including multiple digital channels is what SEO Digital Partners does best for small businesses. Are you ready for you and your team to become more successful than your competitors? For more details or to sign up for a digital marketing class contact us or call us today.