Online Marketing Research & Testing

Online Marketing Research & Testing Benefits

So you have a fairly successful digital marketing strategy but which digital channel is underperforming and how can you remedy that issue(s)? You don’t have time to test digital campaigns and research competitors as a small business owner, right? No worries, SEO Digital Partners will do all the digital marketing research for your business on your top competitors.

Online Marketing Research

Although not a digital channel, digital marketing research is important for your business to succeed in any digital marketing channel, We will do all the research including but not limited to the following:

  • Keyword research – find keywords that match your ideal audience or keywords your competitors rank but your business doesn’t
  • Conversion research – ensure your landing pages are optimized to convert website traffic into sales
  • Competitive research – ensure your current agency or digital manager are not missing any opportunities for your business
    • Competitive backlink research – find your top competitors for customers and find the backlinks that would make sense for your business to attain
    • Content gap and keyword gap – analyze the current content and keywords of your site vs your top competitors
laptop screen displaying online research
Online marketing research and testing help level the competitive playing field for small businesses.

Online Marketing Testing

In addition, we can run test campaigns, test landing pages, test images, and videos to optimize your conversions -web traffic that will convert into paying customers! This is not a digital channel, but online marketing testing that is important for your business to minimize costs and increase efficiency across all digital channels.

SEO Digital Partners can test any of the digital channels you are currently using or consider using to promote your business. Some of the techniques we use have been tested on national and international websites. We are not re-inventing any tried and true tests nor using your business as a test tube. The following are examples of some of the tests we have conducted successfully for our clients:

  • A/B Testing –  showing two versions of the same web page to different segments of website visitors at the same time and then comparing which version performs better for traffic and/or conversion goals.
  • Digital channel testing – testing multiple digital channels for efficiency, most leads, most sales, and/or the lowest cost per lead.
  • Landing page testing – similar to A/B Testing, except testing design two or more variants of the same PPC landing page to find out which one gets the most traffic and/or conversions.

Although you may already know the main demographic for each Social Media channel, what you may not know is that your time and effort in your Social Media channel may or may not convert into customers without the right message. Social Media works hand in hand with SEO as part of your Content Marketing.

Online Marketing Research & Testing Impact Your Bottomline

Why is it important to invest your hard-earned money from your business into digital marketing? Digital marketing research and testing help level the competitive playing field for small businesses that compete against national and international brands. We’ve proven this over and over again. Allow us to show you how. For more details on how to learn digital marketing, or to begin to grow your business contact us or call us today!